.: Me and my hobbies :.

My name is Tine.
I have lots of energy, lots to do, and not enough time to do it.
I have competed in over 50 historical rallies, and have participated in Rallye Monte-Carlo 11 times.
I am the proud owner of a VW beetle 1966 in perfect condition, and a VW bus that is going to be restored.
I am also interested in computers and games, and I guess I can be classified as a geek. I love fantasy, especially elves.
I love sewing viking and medieval clothes, and wear my dresses on historical festivals and dance barefoot to enthralling music. I love learning the old crafts and techniques. I love making stuff.
I work as a 3D designer, animator and protolab technician.
Jack of all trades
Master of none
Certainly better
Than a master of one
.: Dogs have always been a part of life :.

My family got our first dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, when I was four. Sadly, he didn't live very long. I missed having a dog so much that I started walking everyone else's dogs. And that is how I met Glenn Elvis, who eventually became mine. My border collie. My soulmate. My little legend. After my studies, I couldn't wait getting another dog, and that's when Bajas came into my life. He is my life companion, and brings me so much joy. But I started longing for another border collie again. I brought Haley home in 2013, and she was the start of Pristine. I have kept a puppy after her, and Zoe is the promising future. Dogs have always been a huge part of my life, and I have always been extra interested in genetics, heritage and the importance of correct breeding.

.: Commitments and responsibilities :.

I was a member of the board of ASKN (The Australian Shepherd Club of Norway) for years. Later, I was in the breeding comittee and I was also the puppy councilor for australian shepherds in Norway, on behalf of ASKN.

I regularly contribute to update the Anadune Border Collie database.

I have donated money to the Pastoral Breeds Health Foundation, for further research on canine epilepsy.

I actively train and compete with my dogs in many sports, and the goal for my breeding is to create the ideal sports dog with flash and function.

See ya ringside!