2014: Instructor Jeanette Johnsen (Denmark), sheep borrowed from Tom Erik Aardal and Hege Voldmo, Østfold.
2015: Instructor Jeanette Johnsen (Denmark), sheep borrowed from Kurt Evje, Vestfold.

At Haleys first try, she circled the sheep like a rocket, and I was appalled at her keen interest! I stood in awe and watched with huge eyes as she lowered her speed at the balancing point. I held my breath as I was waiting for a perfect finish to prove all doubters wrong, but before I had the chance to laugh at all the claims that "showborders can't herd", she did something not so impressive... Instead of stopping at the balancing point and facing the sheep, she stuck her nose to the ground and found some droppings. She frantically rolled herself in it, and we have never before seen a dog eat poo with such vigour. Oh, joy! Then she was on the sheep again, cirling nicely. Then the poo was more interesting again. And she went on and on and on doing this. It looked great when she was on, but I was rather embarrassed when she was off. Oh, well. At least she had interest and potential, and I believe she could herd just as well as any other border collie as soon as she calms down her poo eating bonanza. It's safe to say that Haley had a bath when we came home. Ahem. I have seen a lot better first tries at herding, but I have also seen border collies do a lot worse than her. So all in all I am not disappointed, although I had hoped she'd be more focused.

She did a lot better the second try! She was interested in the sheep, circled nicely, and obediently lay down every time I told her to. She spotted the sheep just before they were about to run, and corrected them quickly before she found the balance point and lay down again. The man we borrowed sheep from is the leader of Vestfold Gjeterhundnemnd (the shepherds club of Vestfold, Norway), and he is commenting in the background of this movie that Haley has just as much instinct as any other border collie from herding lines. I couldn't be more proud. For her second try ever, this was not bad at all!