Diamond of Whitecastle Extravaganza


Breed: border collie
Reg.no: MEOE2928/13
Born: 07.11.2012
Color: ee red (34% chance she carries chocolate)
Nose color: dark brown
Ears: naturally perfect, never been taped
Teeth: missing one p3, upper jaw
Bite: correct scissorbite
Height: 46cm
Weight: 17 kg

Hips: A
Elbows: A

Eyes: clear

.:DNA results:.

CEA/CH: clear (through parents)
TNS: clear (tested)
CL: clear (tested)
MDR1: clear (tested)
Dental Hypomineralisation (Raine Synrome): carrier
Glaucoma: carrier


Main: agility, shows, herding
Other: obedience, freestyle, searching, tracking


- 4x BOB
- 1x BIG2
- 1x BIG4

- 2x CACIB
- 1x res. CACIB
- 3x BOB
- Qualified for Crufts 2014
- Norways Top Winning Border Collie No2 2013
- res. Norwegian Winner 2013
- res. Norwegian Junior Winner 2013

- Competes in class 1 Agility
- Competes in class 1 Jumping

- Has been to several herding classes, and shows promising talent. Experienced herders have said that Haley shows just as much herding instinct as any other border collie from herding lines.


Haley is my dream come true. She is all I could ever ask for, and I feel honored that such a superb dog will be the start of my breeding. She is super smart and easy to train, and is extremely fast. She has good technique and shows great talent for agility. She is really eager to work, with a will to please, and cooperates as if her life depended on it.

Haley has been introduced to herding, and is promising, but she has not herded more due to the fact that she lives with someone else on breeding terms, who is not as interested in herding. However, the instructor for one of the herding classes I have attended myself with Haley said that she liked Haley so much that I would be allowed to use a stud of hers (with herding test) on Haley if I wanted to. And she is against show lines, so it is a big compliment that she thought Haley was qualified. And one among the audience (who is very active herding with his dogs, and also has a leading role within the herding community in Vestfold) commented that Haley has just as much herding instinct as any other border collie from herding lines, even though Haley is from show lines. I am super pleased to hear experienced people say these things about Haley. I am a beginner myself, and am humbled that they think so highly of Haley. I intend to herd with the puppy I am keeping after Haley, and can't wait to prove ourselves.

Her exterior is almost flawless, and her movements are floating. She is gracious and elegant, and will take your breath away. Haley is extremely cute and charming (and she knows it!), and melts all hearts. She is gentle, sweet natured, and very caring. She goes along well with cats, and shares bed and food with them. And she absolutely loves children! She can sometimes be a bit shy with some strangers, but only needs a minute to warm up to them and give them a hug. Once you start cuddling her, she never wants you to stop, and will gently poke you with her paw or nudge you with her muzzle to keep you going. Haley is also very good with other dogs, and has a very good social language. I have seen other dogs growl at her, and she just looked at them and walked on. She reads small signs, and shows clear signs to other dogs. She goes along well with everyone. She is easy to bring for long road trips, and never makes a sound. She loves sleeping in a cage, so that is no problem either. I rarely hear her bark, so she is comfortably almost without sound. She does not bark at people walking past my house. She is not afraid of thunder or loud noises. She is calm on big social events and in big crowds of people. She handles new situations well. All in all she is a lovely dog with a fantastic personality. Everyone loves her, and I am so proud and lucky that she is part of my life. Haley has all the characteristics I am looking for in a dog.
Diamond of Whitecastle Extravaganza
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