Bajas {2008-2019}

Spinnrockens Rain of Fire


Breed: australian shepherd S54484/2008
Born: 08.08.2008
Deceased: 03.08.2019
Color: blue merle (red carrier)
Tail: full length
Ears: naturally correct, never been taped
Teeth: missing one p4, right side, lower jaw
Bite: correct scissorbite
Height: 56cm
Weight: 27 kg

Hips: A
Elbows: A

Eyes: clear as puppy and adult

Mental test: known mental test, great results
Gunshot: 1 = not affected

.:DNA results:.

HSF4: clear (DNA tested)
CEA: clear (DNA tested)
PRA: clear (DNA tested)
MDR1: +/- carrier (DNA tested)


Main: agility, shows
Other: obedience, rally obedience, searching, tracking, herding


- Recommended stud dog by ASKN (Australian Shepherd Klubb Norge)
- One of Norways highest merited allround aussies

- Norways 9th best agility dog at Norwegian Open 2011 !!
- Qualified to Norwegian Championships in Agility Teams 2013
- Has competed in Norwegian Championships several times
- Competes in class 3 Agility
- Competes in class 3 Jumping
- 1x CERT (CAC) in Jumping
- 2x Agility Dog of the Year (2011, 2012 LOHK)
- 2x Jumping Dog of the Year (2011, 2012 LOHK)
- 2x Club Champion in Jumping (2011 Tønsberg, 2012 LOHK)
- 2x Club Champion in Agility (2012 Tønsberg, 2012 LOHK)
- Has achieved "Bronsemerket" (bronze badge) in agility
- Has achieved "Sølvmerket" (silver badge) in agility
- Has achieved "Gullmerket" (gold badge) in agility
- Agility titles: AGII AGHIII

- Competes in class 2 Obedience
- Aussie of the Year 2011 Obedience class 1
- Aussie of the Year 2012 Obedience class 1
- 1x Club Champion in Obedience
- Has achieved "Bronsemerket" (bronze badge) in obedience
- Has achieved "Sølvmerket" (silver badge) in obedience
- Obedience title: LP1

- Has been directly moved up to class 3 Rally-Obedience
- Has 2/3 1st prizes for his RLD2 title
- Has achieved "Bronsemerket" (bronse badge) in rally-obedience
- Has achieved "Sølvmerket" (silver badge) in rally-obedience

- Puppyshows: 1x BOB, 2x BOS, 1x BIG-2
- 1x Norwegian CACIB
- 3x Norwegian CAC, 5x Norwegian res-CAC
- 1x BOB
- 1x BOS
- 4x BOB Veteran
- 1x BOS Veteran
- Showdog of the Year 2011 (LOHK)
- BIS Veteran at Matchshow
- Norwegian Veteran Winner 2018
- Nordic Veteran Winner 2018

- Gone through a mental description with great results and excellent score (1) on gunshots
- Has competed in workingdog competition in the Vestfold Championship
- Tracks both people and animals, and also does bloodtrails. Works sharp angles and crosses streams.
- Loves searching for hidden objects in the woods (field search).

- Was at a herding trainer for almost two months, herding sheep.
- Talented herder, knows enough to pass an ASCA herding test according to trainer.
- Has been to three weekend herding classes.
- Several of his offspring are also herding.

- Been to a freestyle weekend class with Merete A. Huser as instructor.
- Knows so many tricks he could easily compete, just ever got around to it. Maybe someday.


Bajas scored very high on his mental test. He showed more courage, more curiosity, more hunting instinct, more playfulness, and less aggression than the average aussie! What a dog!

Bajas is a loving and harmonious dog. I have never seen a dog show as much happiness as him. He is always wagging his tail. He loves absolutely everybody! Everyone deserves a kiss. He happily shares food and bed with our cat. Bajas is very calm and relaxed indoors, but is full of energy outside. He loves to work, is very cooperative and smart. I rarely use a leash on him, but he has never ran away from me. He loves roadtrips, and never makes a sound in the car. At agility competitions, where a lot of dogs bark all day, Bajas just lies quiet in his cage, relaxing. Even as a puppy, he never gave me any trouble. He never had any bad habits like chewing up stuff, etc. He loves his teddybears, brings them everywhere, and cuddles them lovingly. I often use him to socialize puppies because he is so great with them. Simply a lovely dog with a fantastic temperament.

Bajas always joins me wherever I go. He is super easy to bring everywhere. He even joined me to a music festival with over 3000 people! The festival lasted for four days, and Bajas enjoyed every second of all the attention he got. He impressed everyone just by being himself. Everyone complimented how calm he was, despite all the noise and people around him. On the National Day of Norway, he can come with me to stand outside the King's Castle, with throngs of cheering people and loud orchestras marching by, and Bajas would just lie down and sleep next to me.
Spinnrockens Rain of Fire
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