2014: Instructor Jeanette Johnsen (Denmark), sheep borrowed from Tom Erik Aardal and Hege Voldmo, Østfold.
2015: Instructor Jeanette Johnsen (Denmark), sheep borrowed from Kurt Evje, Vestfold.
2016: Instructor Simon Leaning (Australia)

I was pleasantly surprised with Bajas. He showed interest immediately, although he wasn't quite certain what to do with these fluffballs. Not to mention what he was allowed to do. He quickly picked up on the commands "Away" and "Come by" and circled nicely, but his balancing point was sometimes a bit off. He tried to make himself a bit more brave by barking, but to no avail to the sheep who were highly accustomed to dogs. At one point, one of the sheep came walking up to him, and they greeted eachother while Bajas licked its muzzle. He is such a kind dog. We had so much fun herding together. Bajas came running back to me a few times just to tell me how AWESOME he thought this was, and that he wanted to do more herding. At the end of the weekend, he circled, found the balancing point, and I was also able to lie him down. I think we came a long way in just a few hours.

A little bit more speed and confidence this time. I am surprised he uses this much sound, because he rarely makes any sound at all. Maybe it is because the sheep are so tame, and he doesn't feel he is able to move them as he wants, and wants to see if he can startle them a bit. He is more keen this time, and a lot harder to lie down. He obeys hesitantly, which is annoying, but at least it means he is focused on the sheep, and eager to work more. He just has to learn that I am the one who tells him when to work and when to rest.

Bajas has done a two month training program, where he stayed and lived with Jeanette Johnsen, who trained him during the winter 2014/2015. During this time, he has learnt how to collect sheep (at about 30 m distance), herd them, drive them into a roundpen, and also drive them out of it. She claims he is ready for an ASCA Herding Trial. Jeanette says Bajas knows about 80% of what he needs to know for an FCI Trial! I am super proud of my boy.