One of our favourite passtimes when we want to do something else than his main activity (agility) is field search.

Bajas is also trained in tracking, and does fresh tracks from people or wild animals, and also blood tracks of wounded animals.

Bajas completed his "Mentalbeskrivelse (MH)" on the 17th of April 2010 (20 months old) with amazing results. He showed more tugfight, more hunting instinct, more courage and curiosity, more playfulness, and less aggression than the average aussie!! What a dog! He scored 1 on the gunshot test, which is the best possible results one can achieve on this test. On the ghosts which other dogs might find scary, he wagged his tail and went over to them for contact. The sudden overall that popped up in front of us scared him, but he was quick to get over his fears. I couldn't be more proud of him and blushed when the judge praised him and told me what an amazing dog I have. See all the results in detail here.