Available studs
These studs are not owned by Pristine,
but they are bred by Pristine.
We are proud to present our best available studs.
Available to suitable and health tested females.

Please contact me for more information about the boys,
and I will gladly put you in contact with their owners.

I hope you will contact us before your female is in heat,
so that we can do all the necessary arrangements
and make sure she has her health tests in order.
I will gladly provide guidance and help.
Pristine Arctic Aer
Litter with Gawain's Secret Code
March 19th 2020
Bred by Ingvild Seljord (Kennel Vincennes)
Vincennes Bird Parker
Vincennes Bold Eagle
Vincennes Brilliantissime
Vincennes Coctail Jet
Vincennes Dijon
Vincennes Timoko
Vincennes Uza Josselyn
Pristine Azonic Anzu
No litters yet.