D-litter 2021
MULTI CH INT CH (C.I.E.) MULTI WINNER Borderline Country Solitaire "Sido"
MULTI CH INT CH (C.I.E.) NJV-16 SJV-16 RL2 Pristine Astral Flare "Zoe"

Border Collie litter of black/white puppies planned for July 2021.
All puppies will carry ee red color, and some might carry dilute.

Both parents are (of course) sweet natured and social with great mentality.
Both parents are x-rayed with results HD: A/A and Elbows: 0/0 and OCD: clear.
Both parents are clear of CEA/CH CL TNS MDR1 RS/DH GG IGS.
Both parents have full dentition and correct bite.
Both parents are eye examined clear as puppies and adults.
Zoe is also DNA tested clear of EAOD MH SN MC vWd.

Sido is a dog with great personality that really shines through in all his pictures. I really love the Borderline Country lines. So many of those dogs and their relatives and offspring have impressed me in all ways. So being able to use Sido is a dream come true. I have followed them for years and feel secure that this combination will be awesome. Sido is a very active dog in many sports, and has done amazing at shows as well. He has competed in the World Championships in Freestyle! He also has very nice offspring from previous litters.

Pernilla's own words about Sido: "Sido is my once in a lifetime dog. He is a mentally strong, balanced and very happy dog. A little clown who is doing everything to make people laugh. He loves the contact with people and he is social to animals and dogs. There is no problem to involve him in every situation because he is well-behaved and friendly. At the training he always gives his best. Sido is very focused, motivated, calm and has an excellent will to please. In Agility he is very fast and quiet because he would never bark in any situation. After work he also loves to enjoy the day at home. We’ve been celebrating many victories in sport and show. He has very good working abilities in Dogdance, Agility, Obedience, work on sheep, Frisbee and tricks."

Have a look at Zoe and Sido's own pages for a full list of their merits.

I have high expectations for this great combination, and plan to keep a puppy from this litter.

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