Puppies will only be sold to ambitious people who want to actively compete with their dog.

I will personally choose the best suitable home for each puppy based on their personalities,
but you are welcome to express your wishes and I will of course do my best to fulfill them.

A puppy is only considered reserved after a deposit of 200 EUR is paid.

The puppies will be ready to move into their new homes when they are 8 weeks.
If the puppy stays at Kennel Pristine for longer than 9 weeks, a small daily fee will apply.

If you are interested in a puppy, please fill out the form below.
This is not a commitment in any way!
It will only add you to my list of interested buyers, and provide me
with the information I need to find the perfect home for each puppy.
No, and I don't plan to
No, but I would like to
Adult children
Smeller / nosework
Rescue dog
Therapy dog
Freestyle / HTM
Going for walks / family dog
Kennel Pristine follows:
- NKKs guidelines and strategy for breeding
- FCI International Breeding Rules
- FCI Standing Orders
- FCI Breeding Strategies
- ASKN breeding guidelines

Pristine puppies will be:
- Guaranteed clear of CEA/CH, TNS, CL, MDR1.
- After thoroughly DNA tested parents for other hereditary diseases as well.
- After parents that are x-rayed clear (hips and elbows)
- After parents that are x-rayed clear of OCD (shoulders)
- After parents that are eye checked clear as puppies and adults
- Registered in the Norwegian Kennel Klub (NKK)
- Chip registered
- Health examined at 7 weeks
- Eye examined at 7 weeks
- Vaccined
- Dewormed every other week until delivery
- Insured at Agria
- Already accustomed to short car trips
- Socialized with people, dogs and cats

Puppy buyers will get:
- Buyers contract
- A letter of information
- Puppy kit (blanket from the puppy box, toy, food, etc.)
- Pictures of the puppies
- Lifelong support and advise. You can contact me with any questions you might have regarding your companion, and I will do everything I can to help.